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Kakamega recognizes the significance of infrastructural development and efficient systems for competitive investment. This has contributed to the development of a vibrant economy in the county. Due to this, the County continues to invest heavily in infrastructure to enhance accessibility to industrial areas and growth of industries in the region.


  1. Industrial Park Development (Photo of IP/Mumias Triangle)

Kakamega County has allocated 48 acres and has already mapped up another 152 acres for purchase in Mumias West Sub-County for the development of an Agro-Industrial Park.

The Park currently hosts the following companies:

a). RegenOrganics (LINK)

Investment opportunities in the industrial park include;

  • Agro-processing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Recreational centres
  • Commercial services

Mumias Triangle (48 acres) within the Mumias municipality is also a prime location for industrial development with prospective investment in:

  • ICT Innovation Hub
  • Techno City
  • Business park
  1. Motorcycle Assembly Plant

The motorcycle industry contributes to almost 80% of Kenya’s means of transport. More than half of the country’s population use motorcycles to move from one place to another, transport goods and services and even take children to school. Motorcycle transport has opened up most of the rural and remote inaccessible places.

The utilization of motorcycles as a mode of transport has witnessed significant growth in the transport sector in Kakamega County. The primary goal of establishing a motorcycle plant is to empower the youth, promote wealth creation and the socio-economic well-being of the people of Kakamega County.

Opportunity: Establishment of a motorcycle assembly plant

  1. Agro-Industries

Processing of the agricultural products and by products through value addition will greatly boost the economy of the  county. Such agro-processing industries include:

  • Edible Oil Industries (Photo of oil crop)

Kakamega is home to highly valued and richly oil endowed crops such as avocado, groundnuts, sunflower, simsim and many more. An establishment of an oil processing plant will help utilize the oil producing crops value chain that are currently being promoted and reduce the deficit gap in the oil market especially as Kenya is a net importer of this commodity.


  1. Malava Dairy Plant

The Milk Processing Plant is a County Government flagship project designed to tap into the region’s growing dairy sector. The plant, situated on an 8-acre parcel of land with a proposed processing capacity of 50,000 litres of milk per day and will make use of the potential 250,000 litres of milk produced in the County and its environs.

Opportunity: Operationalize the plant.

  • Madala Tea Factory in Shinyalu

The factory site is located in Shinyalu sub-county neighbouring zones with high levels of tea production such as Ikolomani and Khwisero sub-counties, the Nyayo Tea Zones and other counties like Nandi and Vihiga.

The County has over 626.5ha of land under tea farming with an average production of 5.9 million tonnes per year and the main value-added product being the tea leaves.

The government seeks collaboration to operationalize the factory which would lead to over 200 direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs hence, improved living standards of the residents

  • Lugari Maize Milling Plant

The proposed maize milling plant is located in Lugari Sub County, Kakamega County, 42km from Kakamega Town measuring 6 Hectares land belonging to Lugari Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

The maize milling project is aimed to provide an alternative market for farmers struggling to sell their maize which is produced in large quantities and the main staple food in grown in Kakamega County. The average production of maize in Lugari sub county is approximately 50,600 tons and 70 tons for Amaranth. Averagely 32% percent of the maize produce is for household consumption, while the rest 64% is for commercial use.

The County is seeking an investor to operationalize the plant upon completion