Sports is a way of reconnection as well as an income generator with many sports disciplines generating billions in income both locally and internationally.  Kakamega County has a huge population of youth, standing at 75% of the entire population (KNBS, 2019). Due to this, the county boosts of a vibrant sports culture and a rich history of producing talented sportsmen in many disciplines spanning from football, athletics, rugby, volleyball, swimming, cricket, netball and handball. Taping and investing in youth talents is one of the county government’s key developmental agenda.

Investment Opportunities in Sports

There is a growing need for sports and talent academies and training programs in Kakamega County to nurture and develop talent across various sports disciplines. By establishing or supporting such initiatives, investors can play a vital role in shaping the next generation of sportsmen and the sports industry at large.

The County Government is seeking investors to partner with in the establishment of three modern sports academies and 14 training grounds which will help identify, nurture and expose raw talents in all major sports disciplines.

As a starting point, the Pan Paper Stadium, sitting on a five-acre piece of land (with room for expansion) in the Northern Region is already under construction. The County Government is seeking partners to design, construct and operationalize the stadium/academy as well as establish two more sports academies within the County.

Investing in sports infrastructure development is a key opportunity in Kakamega County. The county aims to enhance and expand its sports facilities, including stadiums, training centers, sports complexes and arenas. By investing in the construction and renovation of these facilities, investors can cater for the increasing demand for modern and world-class sporting venues.

Bukhungu International Stadium

Bukhungu international stadium is one of the County Government’s flagship projects. Construction of Phase I was started in 2014 and completed in 2017. Phase I of the stadium has a terrace seating capacity of 3,000 modern seats, an ultra-modern VVIP lounge, a VIP lounge, 2 boardrooms, changing rooms, anti – doping facilities, indoor warm up areas, a first aid room and modern washrooms and offices.

Upon completion, the stadium is expected to have a capacity of 30,000 seats. It’s also expected to meet international standards and be able to host major international tournaments such as AFCON, CECAFA, World Athletics as well as meetings and conferences.

The County Government is offering an opportunity to potential partners to complete Phase II and III of the stadium. Once completed, the stadium will host a restaurant, a modern gym, a multi-purpose hall and offices.

Investors can forge strategic sponsorships and partnerships with local sports teams, leagues, and events in Kakamega County. By aligning your brand with successful sports entities, you can enhance visibility, increase brand recognition, and tap into the passionate fan base. Sponsoring sports events and teams also provides opportunities for targeted marketing and promotional campaigns.

Investing in the manufacturing, distribution, or retail of sports equipment and apparel presents a lucrative opportunity in Kakamega County. As the demand for quality sporting goods continues to rise, establishing or supporting local businesses in this sector can meet the needs of athletes, sports teams and sports enthusiasts.

With the increasing popularity of sports, there is a growing demand for sports media and broadcasting services. Investment in sports media outlets, digital platforms, or broadcasting networks to provide comprehensive coverage, analysis, and commentary on local and international sporting events is an untapped investment potential. It offers avenues for advertising, sponsorship and content monetization.